Protect your loved ones from insect-borne disease by installing Multi Mesh Screen on your Windows!

Our standard mesh is PVC coated woven fiberglass and is flexible and pliable. Impressive visibility through the screen, economical to use, UV stabilized to ensure long life. Standard Mesh has a 68% open surface area and has 18 x 14 strands per square inch. 0.25mm diameter yarn.

Q. How do you use the Multi Mesh Screen?

A. The beauty of using the magnets or the adhesive hooks for a window insect screen is that you simply peel back the corner of the screen nearest your latch to open your window, it then presses back into place.

Q. Does Multi Mesh screen shrink or stretch when in position?

A. Our Screens are made with PVC coated fiberglass mesh which will not rust, shrink or stain. It might stretch only if you pull on it.

Q. Are the screens fixed to the frame with magnets?

A. Yes our screens attach to the frame with magnets. It makes it easy to remove or reposition it if you need to open or close the window.

Q. Are the screens for inside use only?

A. Yes, the Multi Mesh Screen is primarily fitted internally but you can custom make it to fit externally.

Q. I’m not great at doing practical things, are the screens hard to assemble?

A. Our screen comes in with all components including very easy to follow instructions. Our fixing system was thought up to be easy to use for the majority but it’s not standard for everyone. But its also a kit for you to experiment and we will keep updating the instructions once we get more idea.

Q. They seem like a great idea but are the screens only suitable for windows?

A. Our solution can be custom fit for door openings or multiple openings. The screens are also ideal for balconies and verandahs.