5 easy steps to a mosquito free home

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Mosquitoes can make a meal out of your family if these bugs can make it inside your home. Here are 5 simple steps to keep a mosquito free home.

1: Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Follow your mother’s advice about shutting the door!, Keep mosquitoes out by simply making sure your doors and windows are closed. While you’re at it, check for gaps around them that could let a mosquito inside.

2: Fix Window and Door screens

If you want the fresh air coming into your home, then Multi Mesh screens are the way to let it happen. However, regularly check those screens for tears and rips that could allow mosquitoes into your home. Repairing them is an easy task, too get a mosquito free home.

3: Run Fans

Mosquitoes are terrible fliers, so the breeze from a fan can actually keep them at bay. Give them an even harder time by using oscillating fans which add an extra degree of difficulty to mosquito maneuverability.

4: Add Citronella Candles to Outdoor Living Areas

Citronella candles can be hit or miss. The scents they produce do repel mosquitoes, but if the wind direction changes the mosquitoes may return. Still, any mosquito protection is good!

5: Keep Indoor Humidity Low

Your air conditioner, your key to summertime comfort, is also perfect to fight the mosquitoes in your home. It functions to remove your scent and dry them out if they stay inside for too long.